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Mehrauli Archaeological Park Heritage Trail and Signage

The Mehrauli area is a unique historical area. It has monuments of local, national (ASI protected monuments) and international (World Heritage Site) significance, from all periods of history. More specifically these monuments lie scattered in over 100 acres of green land abutting the Qutub Minar and the Mehrauli Village settlement, making it a very valuable resource for Delhi’s citizens from the historical and environmental points of views. Within this area, there are over 70 heritage buildings listed by INTACH, and it possesses diverse flora and fauna.

Since 1997, INTACH Delhi Chapter in association with the Delhi Tourism and Transport Development Corporation (DTTDC) has conserved about 42 unprotected monuments in the area. This project has also received the support of DDA, ASI and State Department of Archaeology (SDA).

Together with the conservation of the buildings within the park, the need was also felt to make the park an enjoyable experience for visitors. To make the conserved monuments more accessible to visitors, it was proposed to install clearly signposted trails and explanatory signage within the park, thereby making the whole conservation initiative more meaningful. It was agreed to integrate the monuments in this area through a system of pathways giving access to them. The series of pathways collectively formed a heritage trail.

During the course of the project (2005-2006), 50 trail markers, 40 monument description boards, 150 benches and project description boards, together with 2 km of heritage trails were laid down. Both signage and pathways have been built of natural materials such as sandstone and the local quartzite stone employing traditional workmanship thereby contributing to the unique natural and historic character of the area. To promote awareness about this distinctive urban space, INTACH Delhi Chapter conducts regular heritage walks through the park, led by experienced and knowledgeable walk leaders.