Welcome to INTACH Delhi Chapter


INTACH is primarily a membership organization with 150 chapters comprising enthusiastic members in all parts of the country. We have the following types of membership for which you can register by downloading the registration form from the Join us section of our website:

Life Members: Any person who takes an active interest or part in the furtherance of the objectives of the Society and offers himself for enrolment as such.

Membership fees: Rs 5,000/-

Ordinary Members: Any person who is interested or concerned in the preservation of natural resources and the cultural heritage of the country. Any person who is an Associate Member for 2 years becomes an Ordinary Member.

Membership fees: Rs 1,200/-

Corporate Members: Any Public or Private Sector Corporation that wishes to support heritage conservation.

Membership fees: Rs 10,00,000/-

Institutional Members: Any institution, organization, school or cultural body, including a University Department, or Registered Society interested in academic, cultural or social work.

Membership fees: Rs 10,000/- for 10 years.

Donor Members: Any Public or Private Sector Corporation or an individual contributing Rs 1 lakh and above; and any Government or Government Undertaking contributing Rs 10 lakh or more towards building up of the corpus of the Society.

Membership fees: Rs 1,00,000/- and above

Associate Corporate:Any Trade Federation, Industrial Confederation, and such umbrella bodies that wish to support heritage conservation.

Membership fees: Rs 1,00,000/- and above

Other Member Categories: Includes those members who do not have voting right and are not eligible to contest elections:

  • Student Members
  • Associate members
  • Associate institutional Members
  • Associate Life Members

All INTACH members are entitled to:

  • A copy of the Chapters annual newsletter
  • A copy of INTACH newsletter – Virasat
  • Invitation to INTACH lectures and events
  • Access to INTACH’s library
  • Discount on INTACH publications
  • Assistance or guidance for any project in furtherance of INTACH’s objectives.

With the hope of forging closer links with the chapter members, the Delhi Chapter has for some time now provided the Weekly News Clippings service to its members. It has also for the benefit of its members issued Newsletter updating them about the activities of the chapter. We look forward to your suggestions, views and comments on conservation issues which you can send to us by completing this form (Click here)

Note on Payments: INTACH Delhi Chapter is not geared to accept on-line payments. Those who want to make purchases or become members, are requested to first write to the Office and obtain necessary advice on the amount and mode of payment.