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Heritage Walks


The city of Delhi has a long history and today, after centuries of growth, its citizens live in an environment where new elements are juxtaposed with old ones. Often centuries-old buildings and groups of buildings lie out of sight behind modern development. Sometimes new growth tends to overshadow the older areas of the city. But these areas and the communities that live in them represent the city’s history, tradition, heritage, culture, architecture and craftsmanship.

One of the important mandates of INTACH is to make the citizens aware of the importance of their cultural and historical environment and help them to develop a harmonious relationship with it. In pursuit of this objective, INTACH has been regularly conducting walks in various areas of Delhi since 2005. Heritage walks is an important strategy to achieve the following objectives:

  • Create awareness among citizens about the key historic areas within Delhi.
  • Help citizens and tourists to relate to the historic parts of the city in a more personal and intimate manner.
  • Draw the citizens of Delhi and tourists into areas of rich cultural and architectural Heritage, which are not yet on the tourist itinerary.
  • Heightening sensitivity of the local populace towards the historic value of settlements and encouraging local communities to conserve and preserve their own heritage and inculcate a sense of pride and appreciation among them.
  • Initiate community based conservation efforts involving citizens, volunteers, and other organizations

The Heritage walks are open to the public, take place every weekend and are conducted by experienced and knowledgeable walk-leaders. They cover many different areas, according to a changing monthly calendar. The fee per person is Rs. 200/-. To register for a walk please:

Email : walks@intachdelhichapter.org
Call   :  011- 41035557