Welcome to INTACH Delhi Chapter


INTACH Delhi Chapter since its inception in 1984 has been actively involved in a variety of activities and programmes to promote the cause of heritage conservation. One of its first achievements have been the creation of a comprehensive inventory of built heritage in Delhi, the outcome of which has been the publication of Delhi The Built Heritage: A Listing. Furthermore, over the years the Chapter has made several legal interventions in the form of Public Interest Litigations (PILs) or campaigns to save heritage at risk. The Chapter on many occasions have supported these PILs and on some gone ahead and filed a PIL on its own. The Chapter has also actively carried out various conservation projects. These include the conservation of St. James Church, State Bank of India in Chandni Chowk, Lado Sarai Gumti, Sultan Ghari Ruins, The Mehrauli Archaeological Park, Signage all over Delhi, Heritage Buildings Signage in Chandni Chowk and Mehrauli Archaeological Park Heritage Trail and Signage. You can go to the respective links to get an overview of each of these activities and projects.