Welcome to INTACH Delhi Chapter



The Department of Archaeology and the Delhi Chapter, INTACH, signed a memorandum of understanding on 29th October 2008 for the protection and conservation of 92 monuments in Delhi. The 92 monuments are part of the list of 250 monuments prepared by the Department of Archaeology. Another memorandum of understanding has been signed on December 2012 for the protection and conservation of 155 monuments, which are part of the list of 250 monuments, apart from the 92 monuments for which conservation statements were made in 2009. As per the memorandum, INTACH will provide for protection, conservation and management of these monuments in two phases. PHASE-1 of the project will assist notification and protection of the monuments under the provisions of the Delhi Ancient and Historical Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, 2004. This phase includes photo documentation and structural description of the monument in the form of a conservation statement. PHASE-II of the project will incorporate preparation of architectural drawings and conservation proposals, execution of conservation work and refurbishment of the site around the monuments. It will also include providing maintenance and security of the monuments by involving public and private partnership.