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INTACH, Delhi Chapter has compiled a handbook aimed at the conservation of heritage buildings in Shahjahanabad for the owners or anyone who proposes to conserve a heritage building in Shahjahanabad. It covers all aspects of conservation, restoration, repair and maintenance of a heritage building in Shahjahanabad. All available data (surveys, listing studies previously conducted) on Shahjahanabad was collated to develop an understanding of the diagnosis of typical issues affecting the heritage properties in Shahjahanabad, the condition of the heritage buildings and environment, and the legal framework, existing legislation and policies impacting the heritage of Shahjahanabad. An analysis of this data helped in deriving a list of typical problems and their solutions that are coherent with the ground conditions. Field surveys were undertaken for the identification of construction systems, materials, and stylistic compositions as well as to develop case studies which demonstrate certain processes. Explanatory drawings and photo documentation of case studies have been used to illustrate the case studies. Recommendations are developed in the form of guidelines for repair and maintenance, proposing the best immediate solutions to repair or treat the most common pathologies found in the built heritage of Shahjahanabad. This has been presented in the form of a concise A5 portrait handbook that is easy to read and manage, and is well presented and illustrated.