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The Cathedral Church of the Redemption is not only an important place of worship in Delhi, it is an iconic heritage structure. In its location as well as architectural style it forms an integral part of the Capitol Complex of New Delhi - which includes structures such as Rashtrapati Bhawan, Central Secretariat and Parliament. The initiative for its construction was taken by the Christian community of Delhi and the foundation stone way laid by the then Viceroy, Lord Irwin, 23rd February, 1927. The architect responsible for its design was H.A.N. Medd, and Sardar Sobha Singh was the contractor for the project. The Church was opened for worship on 18th January 1931, but due to lack of funds, it was not finished till 1935. Today it is a Grade I Heritage Structure notified by the Government of Delhi. In view of the age of the building and certain structural problems, urgent restoration had become necessary, for which INTACH Delhi Chapter made a proposal to the church authorities. Analysis of data from the primary sources as received from the Church, were supplemented by several site visits, including detailed photographic documentation of each roof level and the exterior facade. It was also noted that there are eight paintings inside the Church, which show signs of degradation and require immediate restoration.

The project will include :

- Stain removal from the surface

- Removal of decayed plaster and restoration of the surface with lime plaster and lime punning

- Advise and assist the Indian National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahais with the preparation of the Site Management Plan

- Anti-termite treatment wherever there are timber elements

- Consolidation of stone and cleaning of rust

- Restoration of all horizontal bands and affected tiles

- Replacement of cracked, decayed and damaged tiles including replacement of rusted nails