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Monuments at Lodi Gardens

The monuments of Lodi garden represent fine examples of pre Mughal era buildings and stand out as landmarks within the city. The monuments at the garden are the Tomb of Muhmmad Shah, Bada Gumbad, Shish Gumbad, Tomb of Sikander Lodi and the Athpula. These monuments primarily suffer from a lack of adequate maintenance.

INTACH Delhi Chapter prepared a project proposal for conservation of the monuments at Lodi Garden. The project has been approved by Archaeological Survey of India, and is supported by funds from the Steel Authority of India Ltd. through the National Culture Fund. At present, the mobilization advance has been released and the Chapter has started working at site.

The project is of significance to INTACH Delhi Chapter, because for the first time ASI is entrusting the conservation work of monuments under their protection to INTACH Delhi Chapter. It is also an example of the public-private partnership which the ASI has begun to promote.

Besides the technical work, one of the challenges this project is expected to pose will arise from its very public nature – it is the cynosure of the hundreds of important morning walkers who use this park and have developed a close affinity to the monuments. Thus any intervention will be passionately scrutinized, and so we are planning to be as transparent as possible in our work.

The project will be completed by March 2010.